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Feature Shadow The ArchAngel Chorus & Verse

Feature Shadow The ArchAngel Chorus & Verse

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Embark on a songwriting journey with Shadow The ArchAngel, a master of melody and lyricism. With over 16 million global reaches, you're not just getting a chorus and verse; you're unlocking a treasure trove of viral potential. Your collaboration guarantees a surge in YouTube views guaranteeing 200k to 1 million views on one video and extensive playlist placements, resulting in significant play counts that can reach up to 150,000 plays.

Not only that, but you'll gain unparalleled blog coverage, label visibility, and viral TikTok videos, tapping into Shadow's vast fan network. Experience the magnetic pull Shadow has on the female audience worldwide while maintaining artistic integrity – no hard drugs or excessive profanity in your tracks.

Stand out with STAAND's exclusive opportunity to feature Shadow The ArchAngel and watch your music ascend to unimagined popularity.

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